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Japanese Nail Haul

Before I went to Japan I was fully expecting to come home with a suitcase full of nail polish, a couple of days into my holiday however, I realised it wasn’t to be. The reality was that I jut couldn’t find much to get excited about. Japanese ladies love a manicure, but the style tends to be quite ornate with loads of glitter. They especially love a French manicure with a glitter tip, I also saw a lot of toes with glitter tips which to me looked like wearer had some kind of fungus, but each to their own. So yes I saw a lot of glitter, but not much that struck me as unique or difficult to get at home – I also had to bear in mind, that unlike when I get huge hauls in the US, the exchange rate did not work in my favour.

I did pick up one or two things though. First up the Japanese brands:


The first two are a brand called “pa” and yes, they are black glitters! I don’t recall ever seeing a black glitter outside of the indie polish world. The third is by a brand called Homei and it’s a bottle of red and blue hearts suspended in a clear varnish.

From the bottle I had no idea what these are called, but I found the website for the pa polishes – and I have Blue Hawaii and Lemon. I did a mini swatch of these two on a couple of the nails I managed not to break during my travels.


This is two coats of Blue Hawaii and three of Lemon. Blue Hawaii is on the border between jelly and cream and is rather thin as a result, but it is a dream to apply. For a yellow, Lemon is also great, it’s more creamy and as a result the glitter hides as you add more coats, but I love it all the same.

Next time my non-Japanese Japan haul…


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