Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

I am so Olympic

No sooner had I got back to London from my holiday, than everything went Olympic.

I’ve spent the last two weeks either on the sofa staring at people achieving incredible things or traipsing around the city to see them in person. I was lucky enough to get tickets for Volleyball, Taekwondo and Handball. I’ll fiddle with the photos and see if I can sort anything out to look good enough to show the world, but if not I can assure you it was all outstanding. My highlight was probably at the Taekwondo being in an almost exclusively British crowd where there were no Team GB competitors, for each match everyone picked who they wanted to win and the shouts for Mexico and Guatemala were as loud as anything at the rest of the games. I also loved the smiling, everyone everywhere was happy. Amazing.

Not sure what I’m going to do with myself now the excitement is almost over, but maybe I’ll be able to find the time to get good at blogging!

To brighten up today, here’s a couple of TK Maxx finds that I’m wearing today.

Orkly Sea Gurl with glitter gradient(ish) OPI Servin Up Sparkle.


I haven’t dinged my ring finger, but I didn’t realise how poorly I’d applied by my starting-to-get-gloopy-Seche Vite until I looked the pictures.

I know it’s been swatched a million times in the past, but I need to say how beautifully Sea Gurl applied. Honestly it’s my dream formula. Amazing.


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