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OPI Bronzed To Perfection

Like the rest of the world I looked at this colour in the bottle and wasn’t impressed, but I’ll buy anything if it’s cheap in TK Maxx. Everytime I’ve worn it I’ve had a pleasant surprise, the formula is great, it applies like butter and looks amazing.

Here I’ve also had a go at playing with the new striping tape I got from ebay. I’m not convinced I’ve figured out how to get this stuff to stay stuck down, but I liked the results while they lasted.



Beer Made Here

Looking through my ipad photos I realised some of them aren’t too bad at all so I thought I’d start sharing.

One of my favourite moments on my trip to Tokyo was sitting in the bar atop the Asahi building. drinking Asahi.

I tried to line this up so you can see the billboard next to my pint and get some perspective of how high up I was.


I love going up high up things! Especially when there’s booze!!


I lived here last week. I don’t know when or even if I’ll be back.

It’s definitely hard to appreciate the adventures you have until you’ve finished having them.

Time to look forward to the next one.


Blue Foil

What I’m wearing right now…


This is HD Ruby Kisses in Tinkerbell Teal – I know nothing about this brand except that it was fabulously easy to apply and I unexpectedly love the colour. The dots are Leighton Denny Sex Kitten – not a colour I would normally wear, but when you get a posh brand in a Glossybox you hang on to it!

Yey for a manicure that’s making me happy.

Sew Matte About Sequin

Been promising myself a manicure with Essie’s Sew Psyched for a while now. It’s one of my favourite colours and I never wear it, partly I think because I’ve felt obliged to wear brights over the Summer. However it’s September now so here we go…


Of course the sun is still shining, so I added flakies in the form of Nail Pop’s Sequin Effect (I love this brand!) and a coat of Essie’s Matte About You.

This is absolutely one of those days when I can’t stop staring at my hands!

Sparklies in the office

After a lot of false starts towards long whiny posts about nothing, heres a quick phone picture of what I wore yesterday.

This is Ciate Jellybean which came free with a magazine The name of which escapes me, a few months ago. And because I can’t just wear pink by itself I added some sparkly nail art glittery things I got from Poundland plus about a million coats of Seche Vite. I thought it looked pretty incongruous as I sat at my desk, so here you are.


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