Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

I knew I wasn’t going to get round to taking a proper photo of this finished manicure, so I’ve made do with a phone picture taken while I was at work.

I liked the way the colours looked with my handbag, hence the product placement!


I wanted to keep this subtle so I taped off some triangles and painted on Essie Footloose which is a colour I can’t bear on it’s own, but I enjoyed it here. However I think it ended up a bit too subtle as it was only really noticeable under fairly bright light.

Taking pictures highlighted how badly I’d applied the brown layer, the formula was thinner than I expected and it resulted in some general mankiness that no amount of cleanup could sort out. So what you see above has been fiddled with to try and hide my shoddy handiwork.

Hmm… maybe it’s not quite as bad as I thought it was…


Comments on: "Zoya Andrea with Essie Triangles" (3)

  1. Nice look, and I love the colours 🙂

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