Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Bit difficult to post while I’m working away, but just a quick one to show you what my nails have been wearing these last few days.

I like to give Sally Hansen Salon Effects a go when I’m on my travels because if nothing else I can’t spill them all over my hotel room!

This is Pink-A-Dot which I believe was from the Spring collection earlier this year.


As ever with nail wraps I’m completely prepared to believe they can last the advertised 7 days when applied correctly, but a combination of me being a bit cack handed and altogether lacking in patience means that they go on in a less than perfect fashion and I end up ruining at least a couple of them within a day or two.

But of course that means that I get to do my nails again! As I’m in America let’s call this a saran wrap mani (at home it would be cling film) but in reality it was actually done using the plastic wrapper from a packet of chewing gum.

This is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On (which I just bought because I had read so many great things about it from lovely blogger ladies) with Sinful Colors Pull Over on top.


Given that it’s October this feels far too Summery, but the sun is shining in Tennessee y’all so yellow nails it is!


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