Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

I’ve had this one in my head ever since this happened.

Rather than throw away the empty dried up bottle of Essie’s Mod Square and the dried up contents splattered on a sandwich bag, I figured I could keep them and come up with some sort of nail art.

I used a couple of coats of an unnamed Color Club from one of those sets they always have in TK Maxx. According to this post on i haz a beaty blog it’s called I Believe In Amour.

Anyway, while this was still wet I broke off some shards of the dried up Essie and stuck them on before sealing with Seche Vite.

I’m quite pleased with it, I think they look like little islands in a sea of Angel Delight. What do you think?





I threw that last photo in for fun so you can see how bad the disaster was!


Comments on: "From the jaws of disaster, comes a cute manicure..!" (2)

  1. oh no! such a pretty colour to lose. I lost quite a bit of an Essie polish as I never screwed the lid on tightly and then the poor bottle got bashed around on our return flight from Spain, luckily I only lost about half the bottle. A great idea to recycle some of it though and I agree the shards look like Islands.

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