Because it sounds a bit like She Ra


Something different today, I’m sharing how much I love to frame stuff. When I say frame I mean buy a £2 clip frame from Tiger and shove things in it. Put anything in a frame and it feels like art. Anything! Like…

Flyers and leaflets I’ve picked up on my travels:



(Seriously, if you’re ever in Lisbon, Tease is my recommendation for amazing cupcakes.)

The fanzine me and my friend used to write *ahem* 10 *ahem* years ago:


(I was really cool once upon a time)

Memorabilia from the Olympics:


(It was an amazing time I don’t want to forget)

And probably my favourite stuff in frames, ridiculous 80’s knitting patterns:



(If any Americans stumble across this I’m not going to even try and explain what Emmerdale Farm is/was, just enjoy the hats and beards.)

So yeah, framing stuff, a cheap and easy way to look like you have a flair for interior design!


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