Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

This is the last of the Sinful Colors I picked up from my last trip to the US and I think it’s my favourite. Super Star is another hard to google name but again it’s absolutely beautiful. Kind of peacocky blue glitter densely packed with maybe a quarter of the volume of bright purple glitter.

I’m wearing it with underwear of Bloom – The Cassette Society (an Australian brand that they sold in Superdrugfor a while, but now they don’t) because I’ve seen a couple of swatches that showed it needed several coats to reach opacity and I am lazy. I’ve also got a coat of Seche Vite on top, not because it was at all gritty or bumpy, it really wasn’t and it was pretty much as shiny before the topcoat, just that I would definitely ding it if I didn’t topcoat immediately.

So let’s have a look shall we:




It’s not often you see something that looks so completely identical on the nail to the bottle, is it?


Let me know what you think

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