Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Sensible Half Moons

So after yesterday’s not very me colour I thought I’d cover it up with something else out of my comfort zone.

Half moons aren’t my strong suit, I struggle to get clean lines and hole reinforcers aren’t quite the right shape for my thumbs. But now and again I like to challenge myself and I fancied trying a more traditional colour scheme, so here we go…

You’ll see I still didn’t quite get the clean lines I wanted, so I got out my trusty dotting tool and added a touch of gold. I bought that gold Urban Decay polish on ebay tiiiiime ago and I’ve never done a full manicure with it, but using it here has made me resolve to do some blingy festive nails with it sometime soon.

We’ve got the following:

Revlon – Barely Peach
Models Own – Garnet
Urban Decay – Twisted

I always feel a bit strange wearing red, I’m itching to put on blue or green, but if I had to wear a red it would probably be this one. This Models Own shade is vying with Essie’s Forever Yummy as my favouritest red ever, remind me sometime to do a comparison as I think they’re pretty close.

Let’s get to the pictures shall we… and please bear in mind these are after a day’s wear so thetip of my index finger isn’t what it was and there may have been a little bit of picking around my cuticles…





Comments on: "Sensible Half Moons" (2)

  1. I mess up half moons all thetime, I like the idea of dotting over the line to neaten it.

  2. […] a golden oldie today, briefly mentioned in this post is Urban Decay […]

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