Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Great Grey Fail

The mythical Great Grey Fail appears when you’ve sat down in the evening to do a manicure and persisted in trying to do something that was never going to work – in this case getting a glitter to talk to a foil that really didn’t want to know about it – and not admitted defeat until it was so late at night that it was touch and go whether I could get anything to dry before I went to bed.

So having scrapped something completely different this is what I ended up with. We’ve got Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Dorien Grey (a Poundland find!) Then something between a splatter and a spun sugar effect in one of those unnamed Color Clubs that comes in cobbled together TK Maxx sets, I believe it’s actually What Are You Wearing.

From a distance it doesn’t actually look too bad, I’d almost say I’m pleased, but looking at the pictures I’m disgusted with myself. There are bald spots where I’ve dinged them in my haste to get them finished and I can’t even describe how awful the top coat over my cuticles looks.

Truly, I’m sorry to inflict this on you. But on the bright side, this is my penultimate manicure before I start on the festive ones!




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