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Review of 2012

At the end of the year I like to think about my achievements and the experiences I’ve had. This is mainly fairly personal stuff which doesn’t really relate to the blog, but I wanted to post it so I’ll know where it is this time next year. I also like to write it by hand, just because, so here it is:




Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Crinoline

Quick palate cleanser today to help me transition from Christmas to New Year. This is one of my most exciting Poundland finds, it doesn’t look like much in the bottle, but on the nail it’s persuaded me to make it my new go to ‘sensible’ colour for when I need to pretend to be a grown up.

I don’t tend to wear straight up whites because I find them a bit Kim Kardashian, but Crinoline has just a touch of pink to make it really flattering. It’s more sheer than I expected, so it took three fairly thick coats for opacity, but I think this is what stopped it from becoming streaky like most light coloured creams. Let’s have a look…



Of course I couldn’t leave it at that, so I added a coat of Color Club – Si Vous Please, a multi-coloured pastel glitter from their French collection a couple of years ago. This is one of my favourite ever glitters which can make any manicure feel a bit more special. It does dry a bit gritty, but I’m not one to be worried about texture and I didn’t really want any more coats of polish, so I went without topcoat. And here we are…




Goldie Snowy Mani Thingie

I’ve had this mani in my head for weeks, and had I continued with the advent challenge I would have worked it in somewhere.

But it’s still December and it isn’t overtly Christmassy, more Wintry and so perfect for the pre New Year lull.

I did a couple of coats of Barry M – Christmas Gold and blobbed on some Sally Hansen – White On using the ‘saran wrap’ technique. I was actually using some plastic packaging which was a bit too crinkly to blot with, so I blobbed on more gold and more white as I thought it needed.

As you might expect this made for a bit of a mess, here’s a before-cleanup picture:


So I didn’t quite manage to get lovely clean lines around the cuticles, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the results, take a look…



Christmas Glitter

Right, it’s high time I got back on with this blog, if I’m going to list it as something I achieved in 2012 (yes I do that, I might even post the list here) then I really ought to post regularly.

So this is what I wore on Christmas day itself, I kept it simple because I knew that I would be spending a good proportion of the day with my hands up a turkey, or chopping and peeling veg. I didn’t expect this mani to last, but no-one complained about glitter in their dinner so I think I did ok.

We’ve got Models Own – Garnet (much as I love this red, I’m a little bit sick of the sight of it now, it’s going to the back of the cupboard when I get back to my flat.)
The glitter is one of those unnamed Santa shaped polishes with denser than I expected red and green hex glitters. There is also a very subtle accent nail which shows up better on the pictures than it did in real life, my ring finger has Barry M Christmas Glitter instead of the Santa. I thought this might be more obvious because of the blue in the Barry M, but we live and learn…



Driving (getting the train) Home for Christmas Nails

I eschewed the glitter for my Christmas journey home and went or abstract red and green patterns. I had some kind of Santa-ish patterns in my head when I started, but as ever time runs out and I went abstract, although somehow it reminds me of elves.



You’re going to see some odd lighting while I’m at my parents’ house, but I’m making the best of it…

We’ve got Models Own – Garnet and a green China Glaze the name of which escapes me I’m afraid!

This was nice for a day, but hopefully I’ll be going full on glitterbomb for the day itself…

Gosh – Galaxy

I feel as if I’ve been away for ages, not only have I neglected the advent nails challenge, but I’ve ignored this blog altogether. However in my defence I have a lot on my mind, not least of which was staying at my parents house for a few days to attend my Grandma’s funeral. I don’t want to dwell on this, particularly as it hasn’t really sunk in yet, right now I’m just finding it odd that someone amazing who was always there isn’t there anymore. What I can say is, anytime you see me post on here about anything I’ve made in the kitchen, that’s a part of my Grandma’s legacy.

And while I didn’t want to title this post “Funeral Nails” this is the polish I wore to the funeral. My mum picked it out of the selection I’d taken with me and it really was a good choice. Whenever I’ve worn this I’ve had compliments on it, but I’ve been reluctant to post it because I knew I’d never be able to take pictures that do it justice. The range of colour shifts is astonishing, in dull light it looks like a pretty straightforward gunmetal grey, then as it brightens you get flashes of gold and in really bright light there’s pink, green, blue, and I’ve even seen purple. Amazing. Seriously.

Of course, as I guessed you can’t see any of these gorgeous colours in my photos, but I’ve given it a go…




Best Secret Santa Ever

I love my colleagues!!


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