Because it sounds a bit like She Ra


Edit – I’ve been reunited with my stuff, it was at the pub! So happy!

Yesterday was my work Christmas party. I had intended to leave fairly early and go and do my day 6 advent nails. Instead I’ve woken up this morning having lost my handbag – so thats phones, purse and probably a million other things I’ve forgotten. And look at this nasty break:


I feel like I’m making light of this, but I’m actually upset, please cross your fingers that one of my colleagues has my stuff, I can at least tell that my cards haven’t been used so I have some hope…


Comments on: "Disaster" (7)

  1. Ohhh No! fingers crossed it turns up xx

  2. Sounds like a rotten run of luck, its awful when you lose something so personal, Id be gutted if I lost my phone as Id have no way of contacting anyone, the number I know by heart is my husbands and that is only because its one digit different from mine. I hope you manage to get some of you stuff back and that your nail grows back quick.

  3. ps – i didnt click like cos i didnt know if it would be cruel to be liking that you lost your stuff, if that makes sense.

  4. Horror!
    Fingers crossed you find everything!

  5. Good luck! Love the mani, btw 🙂

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