Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Gosh – Galaxy

I feel as if I’ve been away for ages, not only have I neglected the advent nails challenge, but I’ve ignored this blog altogether. However in my defence I have a lot on my mind, not least of which was staying at my parents house for a few days to attend my Grandma’s funeral. I don’t want to dwell on this, particularly as it hasn’t really sunk in yet, right now I’m just finding it odd that someone amazing who was always there isn’t there anymore. What I can say is, anytime you see me post on here about anything I’ve made in the kitchen, that’s a part of my Grandma’s legacy.

And while I didn’t want to title this post “Funeral Nails” this is the polish I wore to the funeral. My mum picked it out of the selection I’d taken with me and it really was a good choice. Whenever I’ve worn this I’ve had compliments on it, but I’ve been reluctant to post it because I knew I’d never be able to take pictures that do it justice. The range of colour shifts is astonishing, in dull light it looks like a pretty straightforward gunmetal grey, then as it brightens you get flashes of gold and in really bright light there’s pink, green, blue, and I’ve even seen purple. Amazing. Seriously.

Of course, as I guessed you can’t see any of these gorgeous colours in my photos, but I’ve given it a go…





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