Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Christmas Glitter

Right, it’s high time I got back on with this blog, if I’m going to list it as something I achieved in 2012 (yes I do that, I might even post the list here) then I really ought to post regularly.

So this is what I wore on Christmas day itself, I kept it simple because I knew that I would be spending a good proportion of the day with my hands up a turkey, or chopping and peeling veg. I didn’t expect this mani to last, but no-one complained about glitter in their dinner so I think I did ok.

We’ve got Models Own – Garnet (much as I love this red, I’m a little bit sick of the sight of it now, it’s going to the back of the cupboard when I get back to my flat.)
The glitter is one of those unnamed Santa shaped polishes with denser than I expected red and green hex glitters. There is also a very subtle accent nail which shows up better on the pictures than it did in real life, my ring finger has Barry M Christmas Glitter instead of the Santa. I thought this might be more obvious because of the blue in the Barry M, but we live and learn…




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