Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Midnight Flakies

This week I seem to be all about digging out classic polishes, I need to make sure my favourite Winter shades get an outing because it’ll be Spring before we know it and then I’ll be all over yellows and oranges.

With that in mind today I have Essie – Midnight Cami which I absolutely love, although it’s one of those frustrating dark blues that basically looks black unless you examine it closely. To spice things up I’ve added a good dollop of Nail Pop – Sequin Effect, a gorgeous green / gold flakie. I’ve only ever tried the flakie polishes from this range because none of the other colours have ever excited me when I’ve been browsing the shelves of Superdrug, but Sequin Effect alone is enough to make me think that maybe us British ladies aren’t as badly off as we sometimes think when we’re looking with envy at the US polish ranges.

I just want to note that I’ve been experimenting with a couple of different top coats lately because although Seche Vite changed my life (and I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating very much there) I’m getting fed up with its gloopiness and how careful I have to be to avoid bubbling. Here I’ve used Zoya’s Armor which I had high hopes for because I love the Anchor basecoat, but after one day’s wear I’ve got significant chippage and I really wasn’t impressed with the dry time. I’ll give it another go, but on this evidence I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down.




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  1. This is lovely! Sequin effect looks amazing! I’ll have to add that to my list. Ref Seche getting gloppy; have you got a bottle of Seche Restore? I use it and after i put a few drops into Vite and it pretty much brings it back to its normal consistency 🙂

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