Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Purple Tape Gradient

I’ve seen a couple of versions of this type of manicure kicking around lately, although of course I’m not organised enough to have noted where and who they belonged to, so thanks lovely anonymous internet ladies who gave me the inspiration for this one.

I am also not together enough to have found the time to take photos when I was done, so we’re going to have to make do with a phone picture I took while at work. However, I’ve just got a new phone and I’m really impressed with the picture quality, so that’s a bonus lesson learned.

The polishes used are Essie – Nice Is Nice, which is one of the lilacs that I always think it’s a good idea to buy and then I realise that it’s a colour that really doesn’t suit me. To make it wearable I sponged Orly – Charged Up over striping tape. Normally with tape I follow the advice to remove it while the polish is still wet, but on this one I left it until it was dry and I was really pleased with the crisp lines I ended up with. The only thing I didn’t like about this manicure was the area that I dinged once I’d applied my topcoat, but I guess you can’t have everything…

And here is the finished result:



Comments on: "Purple Tape Gradient" (4)

  1. Don’t you love charged up?? it’s one of my absolute faves !

    • It’s great isn’t it, I’d pretty much forgotten it was in my stash, but definitely a hidden gem I’ll be revisiting.

  2. Very elegant and a great idea to make your less favourite colours useable – I’ll definitely try it!

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