Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

So I’m having a crack at the Pre-Spring Challenge hosted by Mommy Love Nail Polish and Polish Alcoholic.

Let’s hope that Day 1 is the biggest disaster I have in this challenge and the only way is up from here! To begin with I’m dealing with my newly nubbified nails – an evening of beer, bowling, dodgems and air hockey is a recipe for breakages if ever I found one.

The plan was to paint my nails white with Sally Hansen -White On (so far so good) then sponge on Milani – Yellow Whiz in a gradient coming from all sides to make a kind of sunburst, this is where things started to go wrong. I couldn’t get the gradient to look properly gradual, so I thought I would mattify things and see if that helped. It didn’t. And somewhere between the sponging and the mattifying I managed to get bits of fluff stuck on my nails and the pale colour really showed it up. I didn’t have time to start again, so what’s a girl to do, but grab a Sharpie that was lying around and doodle on my nails.

Of course the doodling is a complete mess and sponging on yellow is not good news for the colour of my cuticles, but the pattern kind of reminds me of a messy version of some of Wah Nails’ work – I realise I flatter myself, but you know what I mean.

Time I shut up and got to the pictures, yes..?



There’s an Inlinkz thing to link to all the ladies participating in this challenge, but I haven’t worked out how to use that from my ipad, so for the time being, please visit one of the hosts from the links at the top.


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