Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Now I’m not someone who ever really wears pink, I would make a terrible Mean Girl, but what says Springtime more than pink polkadots..?

Today I’m wearing Revlon – Empower which is a polish I found half price in Rite Aid the last time I travelled to the US and I have since found it impossible to google anything about. I believe it was released as a breast cancer awareness exercise, but no-one seems to have swatched it, so I guess I should probably do that one day. The dots are Color Club – I Believe In Amour.

Despite the pinkness I am really enjoying wearing this manicure, it’s an early contender for one I might want to recreate.






Comments on: "Pre Spring Challenge – Day 2 – Pink" (7)

  1. fortheloveoflucie said:

    wow i am definitely trying this out like tomorrow thanks for the inspiration !

  2. pretty in pink!

  3. shortandsweetintexas said:

    I’m not a pink girl either…This looks great – love the polka dots!

  4. This is so cute! Love it 😀

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