Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

Considering how many green manicures I’ve worn lately, I’m not sure how I ended up not using much green on a day that’s supposed to be all about the colour. But still I quite like this one, it’s supposed to be grass growing in a muddy field, whether it really looks like that or is just wonky French tips I don’t really mind.

I used one of my vintage polishes, Zoya – Meryl for the background, I must swatch this one on its own for you, it’s yummy. The green is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Grass Slipper which is one of my all time favourite greens.

Not my best camerawork today, but I’m tired, ok..?

So here you go, Day 3 and I’m still going strong!






Comments on: "Pre Spring Challenge – Day 3 – Green" (1)

  1. i like it. before i even read the blog I knew it was supposed to be grass. I was going to do it as well but could not figure out how to pull it off.

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