Because it sounds a bit like She Ra

I’ve shamelessly copied a couple of other ladies and gone for a caviar manicure today, which is kind of jewellery for the nails, right?

Also, I got some bargains at Poundland this weekend which I couldn’t wait to try out. The main colour in this mani is Sally Hansen – Lavender Cloud which obviously is not lavender, but it is gorgeous and I think it may have sated my lemming for My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I’ve been avoiding spending money on any gimmicky textured nail kits, but when I found this in Poundland I couldn’t refuse…


Although I don’t mind the grittiness on my nails, I’m not convinced these are going to stay on, somehow they just feel a bit precarious. I don’t think this is the product’s fault, tiny beads are tiny beads after all.

So here’s the finished manicure:





Comments on: "Pre Spring Challenge – Day 8 – Jewellery" (3)

  1. I like the name Poundland! I’ve never heard of it before 🙂

  2. I used caviar once and it actually stayed on for a few days which I was pretty impressed with. Did yours last? x

    • I did mine in the evening and by the next morning it had started to lift away from the nail in a sheet – not pretty! But I think it may have been my fault for over topcoating. I’ll definitely give it another though, glad to hear that you had a good result.

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