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Urban Decay – Cult

I realise that my blog has been quite swatchy of late, but that’s just because I’ve taken the time to sort through some of my stuff and I need to know what I’ve got before I can be ruthless. I now have a pile of things to go on ebay, or perhaps a blog sale if anyone would be interested…?

I have a couple of these vintage Urban Decays, I showed you Twisted here (although I hope you’ll agree that today’s pictures are an improvement on those I was posting just a couple of months ago) and I am completely in love with both these polishes. There are nearly always some UDs on ebay and they tend to go for cheap, so I would definitely recommend that you get in there.

Cult is pretty much a dream in every respect. If I had to put a name on the colour I think I would say sage and it is absolutely rammed with fold shimmer. It did get a little bit brushstrokey on application, but I think that’s because the shimmer had settled a bit in my bottle and was nothing that a good shake couldn’t sort out.

The only real trouble I had was that it did not want to play nice with Seche Vite, but it’s not the only one and really what can you expect from a bottle that’s been hanging around for several years.

So look look look, here is the gorgeousness…




And here’s a close up to try and capture that shimmer…



Pre Spring Challenge – Day 11 – Beach

Look at me, squeezing in another post before the end of the weekend! I will get this challenge finished eventually…

My beach themed mani is inspired by these beach huts:


The bright colours made me happy, so I’ve transferred them to my nails like so:




I used Sally Hansen – White On as a base for all of them and the others are as follows…

Orange – Leighton Denny – Perfect To Party
Yellow – Milani – Yellow Whiz
Green – Sally Hansen – Grass Slipper
Blue – Sally Hansen – Model Behaviour
Red – Orly – Ma Cherie

Pre Spring Challenge – Day 10 – Ice Cream

I actually did Ice Cream on the correct day, but forgot to take pictures, so I’ve recreated it today. Although for the one you see here I’ve gone for raspberry ripple, whereas the original was mint choc chip.

This theme also marks my first successful attempts at water marbling, so many yeys for that!

So here it is I used Sinful Colors – Snow Me White and Max Factor Nailfinity – Disco Pink.




Pre Spring Challenge – Day 9 – Rainbow

I’ve got a bit off track with this challenge, it was my best friend’s last day at work on Thursday and all the hoopla surrounding that has got in the way a bit. I did actually do an ice-cream themed mani which I didn’t take pictures of, so I’ve decided to pick up where I left off and take the rest of the days in my own time.

So onto my rainbow themed manicure. If I’m honest I really couldn’t be bothered messing about with loads of bottles to do a full on rainbow, so instead I’ve taken inspiration from 80s UK kids TV show Rainbow. And specifically from Zippy. For anyone who isn’t familiar, this is Zippy from Rainbow:


And this is my interpretation:


Yeah, not working so much, is it..? I’m pleased with the idea, but not so much with the execution – if I were to do it again I think I’d try and fit his whole face on one nail. And I didn’t notice the terrible bubbling on my ring finger until I went to take pictures, no idea what happened there, but it doesn’t look nearly so bad in real life.

Well at least I’ve made it through another day!

Pre Spring Challenge – Day 8 – Jewellery

I’ve shamelessly copied a couple of other ladies and gone for a caviar manicure today, which is kind of jewellery for the nails, right?

Also, I got some bargains at Poundland this weekend which I couldn’t wait to try out. The main colour in this mani is Sally Hansen – Lavender Cloud which obviously is not lavender, but it is gorgeous and I think it may have sated my lemming for My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I’ve been avoiding spending money on any gimmicky textured nail kits, but when I found this in Poundland I couldn’t refuse…


Although I don’t mind the grittiness on my nails, I’m not convinced these are going to stay on, somehow they just feel a bit precarious. I don’t think this is the product’s fault, tiny beads are tiny beads after all.

So here’s the finished manicure:




Pre Spring Challenge – Day 7 – Pastel Tape Mani

I’ve missed a couple of days out from the Pre Spring Challenge, realistically I was never going to manage to do my nails on a Friday – Friday is pub day, so yesterday I had an aborted attempt at combining the themes of Sky and Sun. It was such a disaster I don’t think it will be seeing the light of day.

So we resume with Day 7 – Pastel and Taping. This was my second try and I’m really pleased with it. It’s not often you see my naked nails, but I spent a good long time buffing and moisturising this afternoon so I think they’re presentable.

This is so simple and for once I’m happy with my work, yey for pastels and tape.

The colours I used are:

Orange – Love & Beauty – Neon Orange (it’s really not neon)
Lilac – Essie – Nice Is Nice
Pink – Color Club – I Believe In Amour
Yellow – OPI – Fiercely Fiona
Blue – Color Club – Take Me To Your Chateau
Grey – Sally Hansen – Dorien Grey




Pre Spring Challenge – Day 4 – Flowers

So clearly the sensible thing to do when you’ve been out for a few drinks is to come home and try to complete a challenge doing something you know you’re rubbish at (stamping.)

I eventually saw sense and gave up on that idea and as 11 o’clock neared I grabbed a quick drying matte polish, Sinful Colors – Savage for a base and quickly dotted some flowers on top with whatever came to hand.

So it’s a bit of a mess, but I’ve managed day 4 and that’s what I was going for…

No seriously I’ve just looked at the pictures, it’s bad, but it’s also the middle of the night, so screw it!




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