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Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects – Red

So in case you can’t be bothered to read the rest I’ll cut straight to the chase – I hate this. Really really hate it.

It’s not the texture as such, I don’t mind the new generation of textured polishes, I’m not head over heels, but it doesn’t offend me. However, the texture in this case was a bit uneven, you’ll see on the photos that there are shiny areas where there I couldn’t seem to spread out the graininess. Somehow if it wasn’t bumpy it also wasn’t matte.

I also hate the colour. It’s just called Red and it doesn’t even manage to be that. It leans very orange in a way that stops it from looking as classy as a red manicure usually does and means that it doesn’t match anything.

Hate it. Hate hate hate.

But you know, if anyone fancies giving it a go, I’m more than happy to bung it in the post…





Review of 2012

At the end of the year I like to think about my achievements and the experiences I’ve had. This is mainly fairly personal stuff which doesn’t really relate to the blog, but I wanted to post it so I’ll know where it is this time next year. I also like to write it by hand, just because, so here it is:




Edit – I’ve been reunited with my stuff, it was at the pub! So happy!

Yesterday was my work Christmas party. I had intended to leave fairly early and go and do my day 6 advent nails. Instead I’ve woken up this morning having lost my handbag – so thats phones, purse and probably a million other things I’ve forgotten. And look at this nasty break:


I feel like I’m making light of this, but I’m actually upset, please cross your fingers that one of my colleagues has my stuff, I can at least tell that my cards haven’t been used so I have some hope…

I won a giveaway!

Today’s advent nails will be along later, but I wanted to thank flowynails, for picking me as the winner of her giveaway!

I’m looking forward to receiving OPI’s Outrageous Neons mini collection and I’m sure you’ll see some swatchy goodness after the festive period is over.

Thanks again!!!

I’m still here…

I know it looks like I’ve given up already, but I’ve just been on holiday.

During my holiday (Tokyo = amazing!) I managed to break all my nails, so you won’t be seeing those for a while, but I did pick up some fabulous things that I’ll show off as soon as I can.

And just to prove I was in Japan her I am with Essie Lapiz of Luxury, Color Club Jingle Jangle and a beer…



At this stage, the most telling piece of information I can give you about this blog is that I registered the name in September last year and have only got round to doing something with it now.

I think it’s the faffing about with themes and widgets n that which puts me off. if you could just rock up to the internet with a pen and bung something up there I’d feel much better about the whole thing. (Actually you can, it’s called twitter and you’ll find me @feeraa)

Anyway, I did give blogging a go once before, many years ago. I’ve just been to find that aborted attempt and it’s still here. If you clicked on that link you’ll have seen that the subject matter was very specific and it’s no real surprise that I couldn’t keep it up.

Which brings me to the reasons why I’m having another crack at it; and please bear in mind I’m writing this post as much for myself as anything else, a Terms of Reference if you like, to try and keep myself on message.

As I’ve said, I’m not really down with the technology it takes to do this sort of thing and what better way to learn than to get stuck in.

And of course there is nothing worse than looking at people and thinking “I could do better than that,” but never testing out that assertion.

I don’t intend to take this seriously, there won’t be intellectual discussion of telly because that’s not how I watch it, although do expect to see plenty of BBC4 mixed in with X-Factor. And I’ll be posting plenty of pictures of my nails, but I don’t see myself swatching – there are plenty of people already doing a great job of that and it won’t take anyone long to realise I’m terrible at nail art. Really, I’m just going to try and have some fun!

Now I think about it, there will probably also be pictures every time I have a nice dinner.

I think that’ll do as an introduction, let’s get on with it…

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