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Barry M – Textured Nail Polish – Atlantic Road

Now then, I’ve been wearing this for a few hours and I still have no idea what I think about it. I know that somewhat defeats the object of writing a blog post, but I’m hoping that posting the pictures will help me make my mind up.

I went along to my local Superdrug where the textured polishes and the new Gelly polishes were 2 for £6, so I picked up a Gelly which I will show you soon and debated about which textured one to get. I had both the blue and the pink in my hands and I figured that I’ve worn so much pink lately that I’d give the blue one a go.

Application was perfect in 2 coats. I’ve read a few bloggers saying they had trouble controlling the flow from brush to nail, but I had no such issues. I did get a bit freaked out by the smooth liquid which only shows its texture as it dries – and it does take a long time to dry, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s started to look rough it’s completely dry, you need to leave it a few moments more.

But what do I think of the finish itself? I’m not averse to some texture, in fact I can’t stop touching it, but I just don’t know if I want my nails to look like an artex ceiling…! Not wearing a top coat is also making me a little befuddled. Maybe I need to sleep on this one and make up my mind in the morning!





Goldie Snowy Mani Thingie

I’ve had this mani in my head for weeks, and had I continued with the advent challenge I would have worked it in somewhere.

But it’s still December and it isn’t overtly Christmassy, more Wintry and so perfect for the pre New Year lull.

I did a couple of coats of Barry M – Christmas Gold and blobbed on some Sally Hansen – White On using the ‘saran wrap’ technique. I was actually using some plastic packaging which was a bit too crinkly to blot with, so I blobbed on more gold and more white as I thought it needed.

As you might expect this made for a bit of a mess, here’s a before-cleanup picture:


So I didn’t quite manage to get lovely clean lines around the cuticles, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the results, take a look…



Barry M Limited Edition Christmas Nail Paints Part 2

I accidentally had a bit of a polish splurge at the weekend (it’s Christmas, I’m definitely allowed) and I picked up the Superdrug exclusive Barry M Christmas nail paints. I’ve already showed you the two colours available in Boots here so lets get on with the Superdrug colours.

First up we’ve got Christmas Blue, which is a similar shimmery foil texture to the pink and gold polishes and again application is a delight.



The final Christmas nail paint is Christmas Glitter, red, green and blue hexagons in a clear base. Here it is layered over the blue:



I can’t wait to try this over a different colour so that the blue glitter will pop a bit more, but even so I think Barry M have come up trumps with the whole of this limited edition collection. Have you got your hands on any of them yet?

Advent Nail Art Challenge Day 8 – Starry Night

I’m so glad this theme fell on a Saturday so I could take my time with these nails. ‘Starry Night’ screams galaxy nails which I’ve never attempted before and while I haven’t gone all out for true galaxies, I think I’ve got something approximating them.

I used Orly – Sea Gurl as my base and did a cling film (saran wrap) effect over the top with L’Oreal – VIP Status. This has got a bit lost under everything else, but it’s always fun to do! Then we’ve got Barry M – Christmas Gold and Essence – Be Optimistic! (their exclamation mark, not mine) sponged on top. I finished with some stars from a nail art set I bought in Poundland to give you my literal interpretation of ‘Starry Night.’




The fabulous Mommy Love Nail Polish has compiled a list of everyone taking part in the advent challenge which you’ll find

Barry M Limited Edition Christmas Nail Paints

Look look look!

I went into Boots on my way home today, ostensibly to buy tights, but I actually I came out with these…

Boots and Superdrug each have two Limited Edition Barry M Nail Paints for Christmas. I’m going to head to Superdrug at the weekend to check out their colours, but in the meantime these are the Boots exclusives:

Christmas Pink


and on my lesser seen right hand, Christmas Gold


I love the fancy caps on the bottles, I am such a sucker for packaging.

And here they are sponged onto one another:



Somehow these manage to be amazing glittery foils, and the pink especially was a delight to apply.

The holidays start here!

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