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I am such a domestic goddess…

Having not been feeling quite myself his week (I can’t quite describe how my sinuses feel right now and you wouldn’t want me to) I haven’t done a big shop for a while and this morning my cupboards were bare. So what was I to do? Of course the answer was bake cookies. I didn’t have any eggs so I had to find something I could make without them, I came up with chocolate and chilli cookies. I’m not sure what it says about me that I had cooking chocolate and a jar of chillies in my fridge, but no actual food, but there you go.

I think they came out ok:


I can dig out the recipe if anyone’s interested.

Once I’d had some sustenance I hit the supermarket and this evening I did myself a roast chicken. Living on my own it’s not something I do too often, but it’s good to get some practice in before I have to do a giant Christmas turkey.

Look, it looks (and tasted) so yum!


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