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Pre Spring Challenge – Day 11 – Beach

Look at me, squeezing in another post before the end of the weekend! I will get this challenge finished eventually…

My beach themed mani is inspired by these beach huts:


The bright colours made me happy, so I’ve transferred them to my nails like so:




I used Sally Hansen – White On as a base for all of them and the others are as follows…

Orange – Leighton Denny – Perfect To Party
Yellow – Milani – Yellow Whiz
Green – Sally Hansen – Grass Slipper
Blue – Sally Hansen – Model Behaviour
Red – Orly – Ma Cherie


Advent Nail Art Challenge Day 4 – Silver

I’m afraid that I’m filing today’s challenge nails under ‘f’ for ‘fail’. Firstly because they’re not actually silver, secondly because they’re completely lacking in imagination, and thirdly, well the execution just isn’t quite there.

In my defence I’ve been away from home for a couple of days and I only brought with me what I could grab for these challenges. So even though I knew that my base colour, Leighton Denny – Sex Kitten wasn’t actually silver, somehow in combination with Pop Beauty – Aquatic Glitz it would give the illusion of being silver. I think it sort of worked, but additionally I really hate wearing silver nails.

When I dinged my middle finger I didn’t bother fixing it because, like I said I hate this and I can’t wait to change these tomorrow! Take a look anyway…




And here’s Sex Kitten on its own:



Blue Foil

What I’m wearing right now…


This is HD Ruby Kisses in Tinkerbell Teal – I know nothing about this brand except that it was fabulously easy to apply and I unexpectedly love the colour. The dots are Leighton Denny Sex Kitten – not a colour I would normally wear, but when you get a posh brand in a Glossybox you hang on to it!

Yey for a manicure that’s making me happy.

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