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Christmas Glitter

Right, it’s high time I got back on with this blog, if I’m going to list it as something I achieved in 2012 (yes I do that, I might even post the list here) then I really ought to post regularly.

So this is what I wore on Christmas day itself, I kept it simple because I knew that I would be spending a good proportion of the day with my hands up a turkey, or chopping and peeling veg. I didn’t expect this mani to last, but no-one complained about glitter in their dinner so I think I did ok.

We’ve got Models Own – Garnet (much as I love this red, I’m a little bit sick of the sight of it now, it’s going to the back of the cupboard when I get back to my flat.)
The glitter is one of those unnamed Santa shaped polishes with denser than I expected red and green hex glitters. There is also a very subtle accent nail which shows up better on the pictures than it did in real life, my ring finger has Barry M Christmas Glitter instead of the Santa. I thought this might be more obvious because of the blue in the Barry M, but we live and learn…




Driving (getting the train) Home for Christmas Nails

I eschewed the glitter for my Christmas journey home and went or abstract red and green patterns. I had some kind of Santa-ish patterns in my head when I started, but as ever time runs out and I went abstract, although somehow it reminds me of elves.



You’re going to see some odd lighting while I’m at my parents’ house, but I’m making the best of it…

We’ve got Models Own – Garnet and a green China Glaze the name of which escapes me I’m afraid!

This was nice for a day, but hopefully I’ll be going full on glitterbomb for the day itself…

L’Oreal – The Perfect Trench & Models Own – Disco Inferno

L’Oreal’s The Perfect Trench from their London collection is just the kind of fugly colour that I absolutely love. Despite tricky application (this is actually my second try at it, my first go was a couple of weeks ago, I did a full manicure and removed it straight away because I’d done such a terrible job,) and the fact that it seems to be emphasising ridges that my nails don’t even have, I think it’s gorgeous.

Pictures are without topcoat (and without moisturiser, I hadn’t quite got there yet…)



However, it completely doesn’t work with my skin tone, so here to save the day is Models Own Disco Inferno. This is the only one of the Mirrorball polishes that I’ve picked up and it’s made me think about going back for more. I own nothing like this, gold shards, medium copper glitter and smaller green glitter. It makes me feel really festive, as if I wasn’t already desperate to put up my Christmas tree…!




Models Own – Aqua Violet

Posting here has gone a bit by the wayside the last few days with being a wee bit busy / hungover, so here’s a rush job that I did yesterday.

I’ve umm-ed and ah-ed about the Models Own Beetlejuice collection ever since they released it, but in an accidental visit to Boots last week I took advantage of one of their offers and picked up Aqua Violet.

To be honest I’m not entirely sure I like it. Admittedly I did the application in a hurry, but despite that it just doesn’t wow me as much as I expected. I took loads of pictures trying to capture the shift to lilac, but I could only get the green. Maybe it’s just me that can’t do it justice, I think I’ll be filing this in the ‘give this another go’ pile.




Sensible Half Moons

So after yesterday’s not very me colour I thought I’d cover it up with something else out of my comfort zone.

Half moons aren’t my strong suit, I struggle to get clean lines and hole reinforcers aren’t quite the right shape for my thumbs. But now and again I like to challenge myself and I fancied trying a more traditional colour scheme, so here we go…

You’ll see I still didn’t quite get the clean lines I wanted, so I got out my trusty dotting tool and added a touch of gold. I bought that gold Urban Decay polish on ebay tiiiiime ago and I’ve never done a full manicure with it, but using it here has made me resolve to do some blingy festive nails with it sometime soon.

We’ve got the following:

Revlon – Barely Peach
Models Own – Garnet
Urban Decay – Twisted

I always feel a bit strange wearing red, I’m itching to put on blue or green, but if I had to wear a red it would probably be this one. This Models Own shade is vying with Essie’s Forever Yummy as my favouritest red ever, remind me sometime to do a comparison as I think they’re pretty close.

Let’s get to the pictures shall we… and please bear in mind these are after a day’s wear so thetip of my index finger isn’t what it was and there may have been a little bit of picking around my cuticles…




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