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Pre Spring Challenge – Day 7 – Pastel Tape Mani

I’ve missed a couple of days out from the Pre Spring Challenge, realistically I was never going to manage to do my nails on a Friday – Friday is pub day, so yesterday I had an aborted attempt at combining the themes of Sky and Sun. It was such a disaster I don’t think it will be seeing the light of day.

So we resume with Day 7 – Pastel and Taping. This was my second try and I’m really pleased with it. It’s not often you see my naked nails, but I spent a good long time buffing and moisturising this afternoon so I think they’re presentable.

This is so simple and for once I’m happy with my work, yey for pastels and tape.

The colours I used are:

Orange – Love & Beauty – Neon Orange (it’s really not neon)
Lilac – Essie – Nice Is Nice
Pink – Color Club – I Believe In Amour
Yellow – OPI – Fiercely Fiona
Blue – Color Club – Take Me To Your Chateau
Grey – Sally Hansen – Dorien Grey





Advent Nail Art Challenge Day 2 – Gold

I knew as soon as I decided to do this challenge that I would struggle to find the time, but it’s day two and I’m still giving it a go, albeit with another simple mani. I’ve used gold a couple of times lately, so I thought I’d go with something slightly different and use gold glitter.

This is Essie Mamba which is a colour I never wear on it’s own because it refuses to work with my skintone, however I had a feeling it would be the perfect base for a gold glitter gradient. The glitter is OPI Glim-Merry Gold which is another of my mum’s stashed old QVC purchases. It dates back to 2003 and I had no idea it was so rare until I googled and there were hardly any swatches, now I know I will at some point do a proper swatch as I absolutely loved using it.

This isn’t the most gradienty of gradients, but I’m really enjoying wearing it.



Splattered Sand-erella

And just because I can’t leave anything alone, even when it’s as pretty as Sand-erella I added some splotchy splatters of Orly Liquid Vinyl.

Perhaps not my best work, I would normally use more colours for this type of manicure, but I really just wanted to highlight the awesome holo-ness with some straightforward black. And I’m pleased with how it turned out.

What do you think? Is this a good look, or should I have left well alone?



OPI – Sand-erella

One from the vaults for you today, OPI Sand-erella dates back to 2003 and is old school stinky OPI formula. Nice application, which is just as well as I had to get to grips with the old narrow brush.

But seriously, LOOK AT IT! Lilac linear holo! I don’t own anything else like this and nor do I ever expect to. I’m not normally a fan of holographic polishes, I think they’re wasted on anyone living in the UK as we don’t have enough sunshine to really make them pop, but it’s always nice to make an exception.

I retreated to my bathroom to take pictures of this as there is some great natural light streaming in through there. This is three coats plus top and base coat – top coat didn’t dull the holo at all. Next time I’ll probably put something underneath as by itself it’s a bit sheer for my tastes.







It’s getting Chinchilly

This is what I’m wearing right now…


We’ve got Essie Chinchilly, Seche Vited to speed things along. Then I got out the striping tape and sponged on Sinful Colors Snow Me White which let me tell you is good for nothing but faffing about with. Don’t be tempted to paint with it, you’ll get a vile streaky mess.

Then to top things off I pulled out a vintage OPI glitter topcoat called Silver Snowflakes. I like that this added a bit of sparkle, but it’s the very stinky old formula.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how this ended up, it reminds me of snow covered peaks, although I’m a bit concerned I’m slipping into Winter a bit too soon. Chinchilly is also an exact match for my comfy hoody, so what could be better?

OPI Bronzed To Perfection

Like the rest of the world I looked at this colour in the bottle and wasn’t impressed, but I’ll buy anything if it’s cheap in TK Maxx. Everytime I’ve worn it I’ve had a pleasant surprise, the formula is great, it applies like butter and looks amazing.

Here I’ve also had a go at playing with the new striping tape I got from ebay. I’m not convinced I’ve figured out how to get this stuff to stay stuck down, but I liked the results while they lasted.


I am so Olympic

No sooner had I got back to London from my holiday, than everything went Olympic.

I’ve spent the last two weeks either on the sofa staring at people achieving incredible things or traipsing around the city to see them in person. I was lucky enough to get tickets for Volleyball, Taekwondo and Handball. I’ll fiddle with the photos and see if I can sort anything out to look good enough to show the world, but if not I can assure you it was all outstanding. My highlight was probably at the Taekwondo being in an almost exclusively British crowd where there were no Team GB competitors, for each match everyone picked who they wanted to win and the shouts for Mexico and Guatemala were as loud as anything at the rest of the games. I also loved the smiling, everyone everywhere was happy. Amazing.

Not sure what I’m going to do with myself now the excitement is almost over, but maybe I’ll be able to find the time to get good at blogging!

To brighten up today, here’s a couple of TK Maxx finds that I’m wearing today.

Orkly Sea Gurl with glitter gradient(ish) OPI Servin Up Sparkle.


I haven’t dinged my ring finger, but I didn’t realise how poorly I’d applied by my starting-to-get-gloopy-Seche Vite until I looked the pictures.

I know it’s been swatched a million times in the past, but I need to say how beautifully Sea Gurl applied. Honestly it’s my dream formula. Amazing.

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