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Pre Spring Challenge – Day 10 – Ice Cream

I actually did Ice Cream on the correct day, but forgot to take pictures, so I’ve recreated it today. Although for the one you see here I’ve gone for raspberry ripple, whereas the original was mint choc chip.

This theme also marks my first successful attempts at water marbling, so many yeys for that!

So here it is I used Sinful Colors – Snow Me White and Max Factor Nailfinity – Disco Pink.





Pre Spring Challenge – Day 4 – Flowers

So clearly the sensible thing to do when you’ve been out for a few drinks is to come home and try to complete a challenge doing something you know you’re rubbish at (stamping.)

I eventually saw sense and gave up on that idea and as 11 o’clock neared I grabbed a quick drying matte polish, Sinful Colors – Savage for a base and quickly dotted some flowers on top with whatever came to hand.

So it’s a bit of a mess, but I’ve managed day 4 and that’s what I was going for…

No seriously I’ve just looked at the pictures, it’s bad, but it’s also the middle of the night, so screw it!




Sinful Colors – Innocent & Call You Later

Left work early today as we’re having some “IT issues” so not only did I get some sales shopping done, but I had the time to take off the cake of glitter that I was wearing on my nails. Obviously I then replaced it with more glitter. As we move into January I’m still feeling really glittery, but I’m craving blues and greens and purples. So without further ado I slapped on a green I think I’ve only worn once (Innocent) and an untried green and gold glitter which I didn’t think looked like much in the bottle (Call You Later) and I’m in love with the result. I was worried it might look a bit Halloweeny, but it’s actually really fresh and yummy looking. Yeyz! It puts me in mind of something an indie brand might come up with. What do you think?

And while I’m on the subject of greens, if anyone on the other side of the pond can help me get hold of Julep – Fiona which I believe is in this month’s maven box, please let me know. I’m a sucker for anything with my name in it (except for Zoya – Fiona which is just yucky!)



Sinful Colors – Super Star

This is the last of the Sinful Colors I picked up from my last trip to the US and I think it’s my favourite. Super Star is another hard to google name but again it’s absolutely beautiful. Kind of peacocky blue glitter densely packed with maybe a quarter of the volume of bright purple glitter.

I’m wearing it with underwear of Bloom – The Cassette Society (an Australian brand that they sold in Superdrugfor a while, but now they don’t) because I’ve seen a couple of swatches that showed it needed several coats to reach opacity and I am lazy. I’ve also got a coat of Seche Vite on top, not because it was at all gritty or bumpy, it really wasn’t and it was pretty much as shiny before the topcoat, just that I would definitely ding it if I didn’t topcoat immediately.

So let’s have a look shall we:




It’s not often you see something that looks so completely identical on the nail to the bottle, is it?

Sinful Colors – Nova

Today I have another gorgeous colour from the SC Winter Shimmers collection. Now either this hasn’t been swatched much or the reason I found it impossible to google is because it has almost the same name as a previous SC offering – Super Nova. Either way it’s a shame I couldn’t find any great pictures online because this really is full of beautiful shimmery fabulousness.

It looks black in my photos and almost black in real life, but when applying a thin first coat it’s apparent that the base is actually blue. It’s packed with green microglitters to make for a combination I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

Now I’m a bit OCD about always applying three coats, but with this I made do with two and on my index finger where I accidentally globbed too much on there’s only one.

Let’s have a look at it shall we…?


That’s licquorice tea in the left of shot in case you’re wondering.


No idea what’s happened to my index finger here, I’m not really deformed like that!



Halloween Part 1

I’d like to think I’m ever so British and haven’t been sucked in to Halloween, but in truth my visit to Poundland for decorations took place weeks ago and you will be seeing a spooky cake before the week is out.

So in keeping with the time of year, here are some Halloween nails:




Now I’m terrible at stamping, mainly because I can’t line up the stamp on the nail, but I figured if I made them intentionally lopsided it would solve the problem. A side effect of that is that now I’m not sure if you can tell they’re spiders, but I’m proud of my best attempt yet.

To create these I used:

love & beauty by Forever 21 Glow In The Dark nail polish in Neon Orange (this categorically does not glow in the dark)
Orly Liquid Vinyl (black stringy bits)
Konad Special Polish in black
Sinful Colors Snow Me White

What do you reckon?

Sinful Colors – Dazzle

It’s not like me to have something to show you from a new collection, but there’s a first time for everything and here is Sinful Colors Dazzle from their new Winter collection.

This is three coats, mainly because I’m incapable of leaving anything at two and it was an absolute pleasure to apply.

It leans a bit more pink in real life than I could get in photos – what is it about American hotel rooms that they never have ceiling lights?

And please try if you can not to notice the terrible dry skin / cuticle on my thumb, although obviously you won’t be able to now I’ve pointed it out, I had no idea how bad it was until I looked at the pictures.



I’ve just applied it and already I love this colour, just keep your fingers crossed removal isn’t too painful…


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