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Urban Decay – Twisted

Literally a golden oldie today, briefly mentioned in this post is Urban Decay Twisted.

I have no idea how old this is, but although Urban Decay discontinued their stunning nail polishes some time ago they’re still pretty easy to find on ebay, which is where I got mine.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this?! I can’t stop staring at my hands, it’s all shimmery and lovely even in relatively low light. If you don’t already have this you need to go and find it now!








OPI – Sand-erella

One from the vaults for you today, OPI Sand-erella dates back to 2003 and is old school stinky OPI formula. Nice application, which is just as well as I had to get to grips with the old narrow brush.

But seriously, LOOK AT IT! Lilac linear holo! I don’t own anything else like this and nor do I ever expect to. I’m not normally a fan of holographic polishes, I think they’re wasted on anyone living in the UK as we don’t have enough sunshine to really make them pop, but it’s always nice to make an exception.

I retreated to my bathroom to take pictures of this as there is some great natural light streaming in through there. This is three coats plus top and base coat – top coat didn’t dull the holo at all. Next time I’ll probably put something underneath as by itself it’s a bit sheer for my tastes.







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