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Zoya – Piper

Look at me trying my long time untrieds!

I thought this might make a good base for some kind of Valentines business, and seeing as there isn’t much swatchiness of it out there I thought I’d do the honours.

Firstly this is horrible to work with; it’s so thin that too much on the brush and it floods the cuticles, too little and it barely covers the nail. Once I’d got used to the formula I think I ended up with three coats, after which I still have some VNL It dries extremely quickly though, so swings and roundabouts…

The colour is actually a very pretty dusty pink and completely unique in my collection. However it makes me look like I’ve died, so this isn’t one I’ll be wearing by itself.




Pre Spring Challenge – Day 3 – Green

Considering how many green manicures I’ve worn lately, I’m not sure how I ended up not using much green on a day that’s supposed to be all about the colour. But still I quite like this one, it’s supposed to be grass growing in a muddy field, whether it really looks like that or is just wonky French tips I don’t really mind.

I used one of my vintage polishes, Zoya – Meryl for the background, I must swatch this one on its own for you, it’s yummy. The green is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Grass Slipper which is one of my all time favourite greens.

Not my best camerawork today, but I’m tired, ok..?

So here you go, Day 3 and I’m still going strong!





Zoya Andrea with Essie Triangles

I knew I wasn’t going to get round to taking a proper photo of this finished manicure, so I’ve made do with a phone picture taken while I was at work.

I liked the way the colours looked with my handbag, hence the product placement!


I wanted to keep this subtle so I taped off some triangles and painted on Essie Footloose which is a colour I can’t bear on it’s own, but I enjoyed it here. However I think it ended up a bit too subtle as it was only really noticeable under fairly bright light.

Taking pictures highlighted how badly I’d applied the brown layer, the formula was thinner than I expected and it resulted in some general mankiness that no amount of cleanup could sort out. So what you see above has been fiddled with to try and hide my shoddy handiwork.

Hmm… maybe it’s not quite as bad as I thought it was…

Vintage Zoya – Andrea

A few years ago my mum had something of an issue with buying stuff from QVC – it happens to the best of us! And aside from this meaning I got some dreadful birthday and Christmas presents, it also means she has (had..!) a nail varnish stash for me to pillage.

So with that in mind I bring you Zoya Andrea.



Apologies for the shoddy cleanup job, I wasn’t quite finished with this manicure, but wanted to take an interim picture. It’s more of a straightforward creme than the picture suggests, somehow it’s picked up a shimmer that doesn’t exist in real life.

I don’t know when this gorgeous chocolate brown dates from and google isn’t forthcoming, but I’d hazard a guess at around 2004. If anyone can confirm I’d be interested to know.

It’s getting way past my bedtime, so if you want to see what I did with this next you’ll have to visit me again…!

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